Residing in a Van Alone in Mexico

I reside in a van alone in Mexico. What is it like to do solo van life? Get 10% off your first month

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We drove our van 3000 miles from Canada to Mexico and now we are residing in a van down the Baja Peninsula! But this week, Bec flies home to Toronto for the birth of our first niece while I remain with our converted sprinter van and our dog Oso in Mexico.

0:00 where is Bec?
2:52 24 hours ALONE begins now
3:56 baby is 5 days late!
6:48 bivouacking alone in the desert
7:43 intellectual well-being check
12:53 cooking for 1 😬
14:45 I feel lonely
17:23 baby arrives 🥰
18:30 the game plan
20:50 I’m a folks person 💀

#vanlife #alone #mexico


  1. Eamon just sounds a little sad and a little lost when he’s by himself it’s really cute! Well done for sticking to your challenge Eamon! Congratulations all on a beautiful baby girl! That time with your sister would have been so special for her! X

  2. I love how extraverted Eamon is

    • and I love this challenge for him. Next I want 48 hours alone but secluded. Get into that real deep meditation. Clear out the mind.

  3. Aw Bec I am a mother and I did not have any love and support before/during/or after birth. You have no idea how wonderful and helpful and magical it is that you got to be there for her! I wish you were my sister!!!! Thank you for supporting her and showing up it really makes so much of a difference!!! You are incredible!

  4. Great video Eamon. Congratulation on the aunt and uncle thing. You are going to love it! When they cry and po… you just give her back to the rightful owners lol. Be well

  5. Shahzoda Fayzulayeva


  6. Marie-Claude Godbout

    *National geographic narator style*
    Here you can see the Canadian Eamon in an unnatural habitat, as he is in foreigh territory and alone. Wich is kind of a big deal for him as he is one of the most social representative of his species 😀 You can see him reaching out to other members of his species via some tech device (wich btw is totally cheating ahahah) as an attempt to shy away the loneliness. Will he survive ?

  7. Made overnight oats last night. 😋

  8. High Priestess Steph

    I paused the video and made my overnight oats! 🙏❤️🙏 Thanks Eamon!

  9. Oh what I would give to prance around the country in a van with no responsibilities oh and children. Have fun while you can because the real world is coming for you. If your smart you do that for years.

  10. Ohhhh that’s where bec was xx

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