Residents rattled by hidden cameras found in front of homes in Washington neighborhood

The cameras were hidden in the ground, covered with hot-glued foliage.

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  1. That’s a military style of hidden camera

  2. Go into any big box retail or corporate complex and fascist corporations film and track you doing absolutely everything. People are conned into thinking that is ok, but someone puts a trail cam in public – oh creepy and someone is up to no good 😂

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  4. If he would have been smarter he would have pointed a trail camera at the trail camera and captured images of the perp.

  5. I think I would have left them where they were hidden and hideout waiting for the creep to return and reload the cameras! I’d bet he more of a pedophile than a thief with the cameras directed towards school bus stops, but who knows these days….

  6. Satanic State. You know what it’s like there. Why complain?

  7. I use cameras like this for hunting . That’s exactly what someone is doing ,………..

  8. Someone either wanted to catch burglars, or they were watching so they learn your routine to plan a burglary

  9. Don’t trust the FOX. Shit news as usual.

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