Replay – New Shepard First Human Flight

On July 20, Blue Origin efficiently finished New Shepard’s first human flight with four private citizens onboard.


  1. This is about as exciting as Apple holding a press conference announcing the iPhone now has copy and paste – 5 years after it was introduced on Android.

  2. Jeff who?

  3. join my discord server

  4. Jeff bozos sucks

  5. Bezos was so insecure about people seeing him crying or looking scared he forbade the launch and media team from showing video inside the capsule. Unlike how SpaceX or Virgin did it.

    Screw Bezos. Insecure and doesn’t pay taxes.

  6. Ракета похожа на член и мне это напоминает кадры из фильма про Остина Пауерса – на ракету доктора Зло.

  7. Wally Funk was used as a PR stunt to mask away from the fact that an 18 year old snob got to go to space because his daddy paid for him to go… going forward, space exploration is now only for the super rich.

    The only thing that will keep common people (scientists) in space is programs like NASA and the contracts they’ll provide to companies like SpaceX.

  8. I know he said i paid for this but, i want my money back.

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