Repaint! Zura the Succubus 😈 Halloween Doll 2022

Oh, my! Zura the Succubus makes her grand debut, hence concluding our demonic family trio. Please enjoy, and Happy Halloween!
I know things are a bit different this year—I could not take part in the yearly Halloween cooperation between youtubers, nor did I have the faculties to produce a full stop-motion animated skit at the end (as per tradition!). Nonetheless, I am quite delighted with this episode and hope you get pleasure from it. Thanks for viewing!


  1. The photo album was so cute, what a lovely demon family

  2. The photo album😩

  3. Manise Emilie Antoinette

    Yayyy finally

  4. I love how he does sound affects for things in his videos like that “swinging axe” that fell and also when he calls random people idiots and stuff like that

  5. I love how she turned out and the family photo album you drew at the end was perfect 😍

  6. WTF IS THIS YOUTUBE??? why is this in my recommendations….

  7. We’ll done Kat!

  8. Challenge:
    Make a doll with wings, but have the wings entirely sculpted. You can use any sculpting medium. I would recommend having the wings not articulated. I think maybe you could hide the hinges, by making a plateau attached to the wings, and then piercing a little hole with the drillbit that matcbes the bolt that you’re using to attach the wings.

  9. Am I the only one who wants to print out the photo album pictures and color them like a children’s coloring book?

  10. This is the coolest Halloween doll ever, I love Ember family soo much😍😍🥰🥰

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