Remembering Barbara Walters On ‘The View’ | The View


  1. You people on the view today, will never ever come close to being as talented as miss Walters…they don’t make them like her anymore

  2. Lest we Forget… it’s Barbara Walters’ fault that these type of shows exist.

  3. This was a great tribute to Barbara Walters, unfortunately they included Elizabeth Hasselbeck in it.

  4. Cancel this fucking show already WTF?

  5. Looks like a mess of narcissists

  6. Hoopie still working at The View????

  7. Dang I cried at the end. That was a wonderful tribute

  8. Barbara beautiful Queen ❤️👠🌹👑 Rest in paradise.

  9. Shady that they didn’t show star jones

  10. Barbara Walters:. A ceiling breaker, a stern, though fair interviewer, a woman of class, intelligence and dignity. NOTHING…NO…..NOTHING like the foul mouth idiots that run this ridiculous,,,,,,what?? Who knows. They have taken it right to the trash bin!!!!!!!

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