Remember When McDonald’s Tried to Make a Movie?

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he does not look so good

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  1. In the original cut (which was only released in Japan), Eric was shot by the police instead of being injured by the explosion, and the dad alien literally rips the bullet out of him. In the international release, they rerecorded the audio of Michael saying “He’s gone?” but he’s clearly saying the original line of “He’s dead?” (and they did such a poor job of it, you can still hear the original line under the rerecorded version), and “He’s dead, mom, he’s dead” became “They can’t help him”.

    I wish I were joking.

  2. Joseph Joestar

    A movie sponsored by coke and he’s wearing a Pepsi shirt? Out of spite? Irony? Who knows.

  3. Drew is the most sarcastic, hilarious, opinionated, self aware. Smartest , jack ass I’ve never met. ? I think I’m in love ?.

  4. They were sworn in so they wouldn’t be illegal *aliens.*

  5. Mac and Me was okay watching it as an easily amused kid but I tried watching again as an adult and it’s pretty boring.
    But maybe I just need weed to enjoy it.

  6. NASA is here… and they brought McDonald’s. Yay.

  7. Not saying you can’t trust squarespace, because you totally can, but you’ll feel even safer if you pair it with expressvpn

  8. You’re a special kind of stupid. Mac and Me duing its time, was a great movie. You weren’t even alive when it came out and have *ZERO* Clue how it compared to what we saw daily back then. Wait another 20 years, and you can bash on movies that’s came out today if you wish, but for its time Mac and Me was a fantastic kids movie. You have no clue about what you’re even talking about – simply making crap to have a video for views.

  9. Michael Canada

    Game of Thrones Season 8 : Extended Cut. It’s all here folks.

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