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Halo Infinite’s winter update comes on November eighth, it will include forge and campaign coop, which is one year after launch. If the end montage makes you want to buy MCC don’t expect to get the same experience as pictured (different menus & features, limited voicechat, discord…)

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  1. Damn why am i crying..

  2. Thank god I’ve been a PlayStation guy. I’d be so sad if my flagship franchise just didn’t work

  3. this video also tells a lot of gaming these days.

  4. You just know this is being shared around the office and in their chats lmaoo

  5. Seems to be a company trend….self destruction

  6. I wasn’t the most privileged kid back then, I never experienced these games as a kid. I would collect the mega bloks figures though and remember loving how they looked. Eventually I got my hands on Halo 3 ODST and remember loving it. I immediately played reach, 3, and 4, and remember enjoying all of the campaigns. I never experienced halo’s multiplayer, nor was I a big fan of PVP FPS games like COD, but seeing all those people, random players, getting matched up and being so happy that they were playing a new halo game made me nearly cry. I’ve never seen a playerbase unite to enjoy a halo launch and just.. have fun with all the things it offered. these people loved the lore and all the small details, they roleplayed as sangheili and spartans alike. Not experiencing these things growing up made it very difficult for me to understand why people disliked 343i so much.

    I remember when the Halo tv series was announced, and was so excited to try and get my mother invested into the Halo universe since we bonded all our life with Star Wars. I saw the trailer and thought that this was gonna be the Mandalorian of Halo. I thought this was the chance to get my mother into something I really loved. Unfortunately, I already had expressed concern with the people working on the show.. and boy was I disappointed. the show was just.. so bad. I could hardly associate it with halo, or master chief. I couldn’t even entirely.. follow the plot or anything. I didn’t even show it to my mother because it would probably make her less interested in the franchise, lol.

    I recently got into halo Infinite after not paying much attention to halo for a while. I love the campaign so far, but one thing I immediately noticed was that there was no multiplayer to play with my friend, who played halo and experienced these all his life. I always would be on the side of the people who would mock upset fans with the “number company bad” stuff, because frankly, I really thought they got their shit together with MCC and Infinite. I had no idea MCC was like that at launch, and although I knew about Infinite’s lack of content, I could see myself rolling my eyes every time one of those people would go “we don’t plan on bringing this in at launch”. the company really does not understand what makes halo for these fans, they don’t understand or know their audience, and they somehow actively avoid community feedback.. Infinite’s launch was a disaster and a half, and it really is so fucking sad to see this community be let down like this… a community who truly loved halo, it brought them life, it brought them together like no other video game did.. so yeah, number company bad.

  7. Reach was the last time I ever felt anything with this franchise fr

  8. Halo is better now than it was under Bungie


  10. Can someone tell me who the Asian guy with glasses is in all of this?

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