Remaking a chair I designed when I was 7

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Get your own set of Build Dice at the Yetch Store! It would make my day regardless of whether you just scrolled past it and stated “wow, cool.” Just released a pair of Sawdust Socks too. Wow, cool:

From Epidemic Sound:
Luv – Bomull
ninth Power – Henyao
Breef – Pandaraps
Llevame Lejos de Aqui – Matt Large
Epilogue – Collin Lim

From the YouTube Audio Library:
Who Do You Think You Are – Mini Vandals
Homer Said – Dyalla
Soft Feeling – Cheel


  1. Wonderfully fun collab. I loved this video so much, it was so fun! Thanks, Simone!! Btw, the folks at TheNerdForge would probably LOVE a set of these dice!!

  2. Laura Kampf and Simone collab!

  3. These Cubes are something of the Brian Eno Card senseabilities.

  4. The build dice remind me *so* much of Grian’s Content Generator on Hermitcraft lol. Love the idea!

  5. Oh my goodness! Two of my favourite Youtube creators together!! Thank you for another great video and project!

  6. I can’t get over how cool that chair is! Not gonna lie, I thought it was going to be kinda jank at first, but it came out freaking amazing!

  7. This video has given me so much joy 🥰

  8. They even invented a new language: Gigglish 😀

  9. Simone: “Hey 7-yr old Simone…”

    Expectation: “…you’re at the beginning of an amazing journey. You’ll be rolling a lot of big scary dice along the way, but just know that whatever the result, and yeah there’s gonna be some shitty results sometimes, you’ll be surrounded by wonderful friends and have crazy adventures and…”

    Reality: “…your chair fucking sucks.”

  10. This video is pure joy. Y’all were having so much fun, I was laughing along with you. What a cool project to revisit.

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