Redskins vs. Eagles Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Washington Redskins take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 13 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. Ertz has an amazing set of hands,

  2. 4:27 if that isn’t one of the most blatantly obvious holds than I don’t know what is

  3. Dang, curse of the redskins… Smh

  4. Aye my cuz Fabian is ballin bro!!🔥🔥🔥
    The Redskins lost but it’s not over tho

  5. Redskins go get Colin kaepernick

  6. At 1:07 they missed the false start!!!!😡… Ion like the redskins but these refs suck… They did it to us to (The New Orlean Saints)

  7. 4:33 why Jason Kelce is the best center in all of football.

  8. So nobody is going to talk about all the work Jason Kelce did on the Sproles TD?

  9. 666k views. Hmmmmm

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