Redfall Review in Progress – One of the Worst Games I Played So Far In 2023

Redfall just never comes together. I got to test the retail patch on account of the embargo snafu and put in some footage of that as well. Unfortunately no advancement in how it plays or feels.
Redfall has its fun gameplay moments but they have eaten away with every bug, odd design choice, and boring skill that just don’t elevate it. It is just not that good.

Thanks to Xbox for the code and Bethesda.

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  1. Paulo Gonzalez

    how tf a game that looks like this requires the amount of system requirements it says it needs?

  2. Arkane showed that it can’t deliver with their previous game. This is just another cherry.

  3. Astrid's Adventure and riddly

    So it’s a Bethesda release.

  4. I actually think the style and setting is super interesting. The enemy AI just looks bad and buggy.

    I didn’t realize it wasn’t on PS5, I was looking forward to this game. Now I’m glad I didn’t play. Time to play Dishonored 2.

  5. HandsomeAlex25

    Although I was never interested in this title, it’s a shame that this is the second game in as many weeks to release with major issues. Thanks for your exceptionally well written and articulate review.

  6. John Arredondo

    It just came out yesterday. How are you so far already? Bro talk about no life

  7. Ultimus Shadow

    DOA as expected.

  8. i thought the world is fun, but there are too many bugs. kinda like cyberpunk. hopefully this will be fixed but doubt anyone will care by then…

  9. This is the reason I never pre-order games anymore.

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