Redfall IS A BROKEN MESS! $100 FOR THIS?! – Angry Rant!

🔥ANGRYJOE’s GFUEL FLAVOR IS HERE: 👉 👈AngryJoe goes on an Angry Rant while playing Redfall a COMPLETE BROKEN MESS at launch and they want $100?! for this?! Thank GOD for Gamepass! This is RIDICULOUS!


  1. There is barely head bob in the game, you move like you are floating. Also hey look we made the game to possibly run at 60 FPS, if only if it actually manages to reach it.

  2. another $70 saved by Angry Joe. After 8 years it must be over $1000 by now.

  3. Who gives a fuck about graphics when it looks like Fortnite trash

  4. I feel that they added far cry 6 to game pass to make up for this piece of crap…

  5. dont buy it…get xbox ultimate…
    freee for $17

  6. Thank God for game pass? Game pass is the reason this stuff happens! Microsoft wants to buy as much as possible because the sub model pushes content and volume and constantly having something on the horizon to keep people subbed with hope. They don’t give a crap about quality just like Netflix

  7. Microsoft can’t buy their way into good games, it seems

  8. man, i miss rants and games reviews.Those shitty TV series episodes are so boring.That one was good

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