RECORD 77 INCH SNOWFALL swamps Buffalo Bills stadium, Buffalo Southtowns crippled!

Giant 77″ blizzard from record-breaking lake effect snow crisis swamps the Buffalo Bills Highmark Stadium and forces the game to be moved to Detroit tomorrow! Cars buried. Lake effect snow plume hoisted north to Niagara Falls today but is foretell to return south. This is the dig out, damage poll, and pivot to pursue this astounding, electrified lake effect snow plume.


  1. Come on, Reed you big kid. You know you’re enjoying it! 😆😆

  2. that darn global warming is causing everything to freeze solid, l can wait for the next ice age so l can finally start wearing my two piece bikini and get my hot little booty to the beach and get that all body tan.

  3. That doesn’t look like 77 inches. More like 18.

  4. I’m gonna guess that this was all caused by global Warming !

  5. The only way they got 6 ft of snow is if they pile it up… more fake news

  6. You know this is all in your head… global warming prevents much snow from falling…. “future kids will never know show”….

  7. Well, I bet the school kids are happy!🤣☃️❄️🌨

  8. So, you were on your knees pushing into the snow trying to make it look deep. You claim 77”, at chest hight it might be 40”, on your knees it is likely 18-26 inches. Is there nothing the USA media wont do for views?

  9. all mighty great 1

    Thank you for the previous cool tv show you did with joel. Really enjoyed it. Please be safe and consider saftey glasses and hard hat during huricanes . Your florida storm chase was amazing at the shoreline. You are one intense dude. I remember when you spoke about your weather cloud t shirt .

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