Real Web Shooter Sticks To Everything (Actually Swing)

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I constructed a Spider-Man web shooter that sticks onto surfaces and allows the user to really swing!


  1. Nicolas Von schuckmann

    Could you please build another one for the other hand

  2. Marsden Psychology

    a flying soot jacksmith

  3. 2:18
    “Something really cool happens”
    Bro turned into Nile red

  4. Cosplay Apprentice

    Dude!!! You never cease to amaze! This is truly incredible!!!

  5. Do the 10 rings

  6. Next step: Make 2 of those shooters – one for each hand with multiple refills for both and then you swing across a warehouse.

  7. Is it just me that heard NileRed 2:30

  8. Hotdog boss gamer 256

    I watched your first webshooter , your grapplehook webshooter and now this this is amazing

  9. Do something with Deadpool

  10. That’s really cool

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