Real Reason Kyrie Irving Opted In to Brooklyn Was He Had No Other Options | THE ODD COUPLE

THE ODD COUPLE – Chris Broussard & Rob Parker respond to Kyrie Irving’s decision to opt-in and stay with the Brooklyn Nets; nonetheless they do not necessarily agree that it was his decision. They in addition applaud Brooklyn Nets for standing their ground.


  1. In 1998, M.J. made 33 million in one year. You’re making 36 mil. Stop it Mr. Irving.

  2. “This is the only thing that could have happened”

    Love the revisionist history from all these pundits now. I recall the endless coverage from various personalities talking about how the opt-in was one of the last scenarios they saw happenin, that the Nets had no leverage, and that they would probably have to sign him to the max extension.

    • most did but chris never said that. on all the other shows chris always said nets have leverage….so the revisionist isnt by chris. and rob always took the stance that nets shouldnt buckle iirc

  3. Sad the media was too stupid to realize the details of his contract situation to know he wasn’t going anywhere. It’s all attention seeking behavior and messing with the nets. 36 mil to play with nets or 6 Mil to play for lakers??? Y’all should’ve known

  4. The Brooklyn Nets are overrated. They are not as good as perceived. Boston exposed their weaknesses. They can’t play defense and KD needs to get in the weight room.

  5. It’s always funny to me that kyrie tweets like a 15 year old kid that’s just discovered YouTube documentaries.

  6. Uh, the LAL wasn’t the other teams tht would of took Kyrie at $6 million. It tells u alot when u got 2 add extras on it, ur arguments is in bad faith when u know ur putting a spin on it.

  7. Herbert Saunders

    Who in the world turns down 37 mil to play for 6 mil exception and Lakers. Kyrie crazy but he ain’t stupid. Nets should’ve stood ground and let him sit out entire season. Nets management finally showed some guts.

  8. I will say it. Sixers took 💵 from S, Zion guarantee with conditions, Embiid guarantee with conditions, Kyrie, ayton…. These owners about to start rolling it back.

  9. Don’t understand the hate for kyrie

  10. these two sound like haters.. Kyrie had mad options. ( yall dont) These talking heads acting like they’re important..

    • LOL best comment i read so far. Like you said, kyrie had madd options (these old heads don’t). I hate when these guys talk like theyre important. As if they have the best NBA wisdom or something

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