Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL Round of 16 – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By HeinekenA antique last half performance from Real Madrid surprised Anfield.

Liverpool now need another historical comeback performance to defeat a 5-2 deficit.

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  1. Luka Modric is 37, how is he this godlike?

  2. Why do Real Madrid have always have those seats covered behind the goal?

  3. If Luka and Camavinga didn’t miss 😫

  4. Liverpool needs to understand they won’t beat the king of Europe cuz they can’t compete with DNA of champions

  5. No penalty? 😅 how?

  6. El unico equipo que destroza al Madrid es su Archirival EL BARCA .
    Ningun otro equipo en Europa sabe jugarle al Madrid .
    Grande Madrid .

  7. Gregorio Mejicano


  8. Modric is always a joy to watch wow

  9. Billy Bob Thortenn

    I don’t have TV would you please stop putting the winner in the thumbnail thanks

    • ronaldoandmessifanboyscalmdowm

      bro real madrid is obviously winning this match first thing first and the people who publish this will not even see this comment secondly use your phone or tablet and computer secondly use the code ADVANCE while using paramount + you get a month free deal in the end of the month though cancel it there free ucl match

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