Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

What is it about Madrid and this competition? Missing a couple of key players, no problem. They outclassed Liverpool from start to finish and truth be told they could take more than their 3-1 advantage to Anfield next week, such was the gulf in class between the sides. Brilliant, brilliant work from Zidane and his boys.

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  1. Vinicius scored? This has to be edited footage

  2. Dam Liverpool were so generous that they recreated the UCL Final

  3. Rodrygo the Master


  4. Is that Allison or Chief Allan Willson

  5. the first goal shows what would happen if brazil and germany make a team together

  6. We need our Starting Defense for the 2nd Leg and it’s a Wrap. Ramos Varane and Carvajal! 🔥🔥🔥

  7. The only good brazilian goalkeeper ever was Taffarell the rest garbage maybe dida was ok but alisson and ederson sucks

  8. My God, that pass from Kross then the touch from Jr.

  9. Cada gol un buche de agua…

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