Reaction to Steph’s 50 pts in Warriors-Kings Gm 7 + match-up vs. Lakers | Colin Cowherd + Jason Timpf

Colin Cowherd and “Hoops Tonight” host Jason Timpf respond to the historical 50-point performance by Steph Curry in the Golden State Warriors’ victory over the Sacramento Kings in the very first round of the NBA Playoffs, which set the record for most points ever scored in a Game 7. They in addition talk about how the Warriors match up against the Los Angeles Lakers, their enemy in the next spherical. Plus, they respond to the Miami Heat beating the New York Knicks in Game 1, and the Denver Nuggets beating the Phoenix Suns in their Game 1.

00:00 – Start
08:58 – Warriors-Lakers
13:26 – Heat-Knicks
18:12 – Suns-Nuggets

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  1. lakers in 6

  2. I want to see the Warriors offer Poole, Kuminga or Moody, a First and a couple seconds for D. Fox Put D. Fox with the splash bros and Draymond who can stop it???

  3. Samuel Williams

    Sac had no shot blocker. I wna see him hit those floaters over AD. Curry is an all time great making a case for top 10 all time player. Still got the warriors going down before the finals

  4. Samuel Williams

    My god how do you not watch denver if you claim to love basketball. They are a true team. They have depth and an unselfish superstar. Their defense may not be good statistically but they have good individual defenders. The Jokic Murray pick and roll is crazy

  5. Curry is not getting into finals, he merely gets into the second round playoffs of the West conference.

  6. Colin on the warriors payroll for sure

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