Reaction to Cowboys-49ers, Bengals-Bills, Giants-Eagles, NFL Playoff Divisional Rd. | Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd responds to the NFL Playoff Divisional Round, beginning with his instant reaction to the San Francisco 49ers eradicating the Dallas Cowboys from the playoffs for the second straight season. Plus, he clarifies why the Buffalo Bills should be embarrassed by their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, and what he took away from the Philadelphia Eagles shattering the New York Giants.

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00:00 – Cowboys-49ers
07:07 – Bengals-Bills
13:54 – Giants-Eagles

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  1. Nothing wrong with Dak. He played against a great defense. Both teams were playing well on defense. It’s a tough game to win

  2. I can see the disappointment Colin would have if his son wanted to be a linebacker or defensive coordinator.

  3. As goes Dak Prescott, goes the Cowgirls …

    Mr. Jerry Jones: Please do yourself a HUGE favour and rid yourself of Clock Management human errors (Dalton “Dwight – ‘Howling Mad’ Murdoch” Schultz, 2023), (Dak Prescott, 2022), (Mike McCarthy, you name it …)

    Use your 2023 NFL Draft Picks to address your Weaknesses at KEY PERSONNEL POSITIONS and use your Final Draft Pick {7th(?) Round} to get yourself a QB who could eventually become more relevant than DP #4.

    • But DEFINITELY retain Brett Maher (BM #19) – Class move (if you want your team’s score to be 19 although you have scored 3 Touchdowns)!!!

      I’d prefer Robert Paul Gould III (RG #9) to get our Score up to 20 Points after only scoring 2 Touchdowns. Just saying …

  4. You think Eagles-Niners is going to be less than 31 total points??? I’d be surprised if it’s less than 44.

  5. just because someone has a degree and advance degree does not make them a good professional. or even good in their profession.


  7. Why is nobody asking, what happened to Parsons the last quarter of the season? Hes barely been noticeable I’m games..he hasn’t been a nightmare for the opposing QB since mid season

  8. Colin. Yet you picked Buffalo

  9. Do you really think Bilicheck doesn’t know offense? In order to be a defensive guru, you have to know offense. That’s ridiculous

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