Reaction to Buffalo Bills blowout triumph over Los Angeles Rams in NFL opener | Colin Cowherd Podcast

Colin gives his instant reaction to the Buffalo Bills beating the Los Angeles Rams 31-10 in the NFL Kickoff season opener. He clarifies why Josh Allen reminds him of an NBA celebrity, and why Matthew Stafford and the Rams have one big concern that might be unfixable.

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  1. Obj? He’s a free agent. He’s not on the rams

  2. Josh Allen is getting better and better every year! Bills are packed with talent.

  3. Rodgers is still the most talented QB in the NFL. Allen still turns the ball over too much, but he’s an amazing QB. But most talented? No.

  4. The funny 😆 thing here is of there 21 point win. It could/should have been a complete blowout from the Bills. Big fan of the Bills, this is going to be very exciting to watch them play and hopefully DOMINATE. -Vikings fan. Skol!

  5. Cowturd I bet you are not going to talk about his rant calling black folks the “ N” word , he’s a racist nuff said give that some thought, how on god’s earth these black athletes on the team trust him. I guarantee before his career is over he is going to call a black athlete the “ N” word.

  6. This was great to watch as a Bengals fan. Humble the Rams right off the bat. This Bills team is incredibly stacked and a force to be reckoned with. Josh Allen is that dude, and there’s no arguing against it. I’m all in on my Bengals, but this Bills team is a powerhouse and very fun to watch.

  7. The NFL fixes games to promote young quarterbacks to create the next Brady myth. Boycott the fake league!

  8. Damn.. get a room 😉😁

  9. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    It’s a good feeling to be disappointed with a 21 point win against reigning champs in their house…. Should’ve won by 50

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