Re-Opening the Warzone Go Kart Track

Re-Opening the Warzone Go Kart Track
Come visit me for a race in Verdansk!

► Use code “carbon” for 10% off your Gamersupps order:

#shorts #warzone #callofduty


  1. oh my gosh new waifu candy :0

  2. My man carbon is so underrated

  3. Silver Rabbit625

    How do you have the patience for this stuff.

  4. Is the war zone sun set a *nuke* ?

  5. U should open up a gun shop

  6. Piddindin1 Alex_Utensil

    Why the F U C K are you underrated!, you deserve more!

  7. Only Jesus Can Save Us

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  8. This is beautiful

  9. Re/open the gun shop

  10. loki - God of mischief

    I’m Gonna say I genuinely hate war zone and its players, but this does put a smile on my face

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