Raya Lucario Academy | Elden Ring Ep9

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  1. alfasilverblade

    0:48 Burger King

  2. You need to keep making these, they are amazing!

  3. You‘re doing a great job with these Eldenring videos, they‘re all funny and relateable with great quality. I think this has become quite rare on Youtube, please keep up the work 😀

  4. I like that the Music is Steiners Theme from Final Fantasy 9

  5. Blackbird Coffyn

    It’s all true.

  6. Aww, sword puppy!

  7. i love these. next ones gonna be Renala … excellent

  8. shailendra swain

    Man make more these as soon as possible.

  9. The graveyard in that school was the hardest area for me in that entire game I died so many times. Sadly for me the game difficulty dropped significantly after I finished this dungeon, with some small exceptions here and there. My build was just too OP.

  10. Robert Anascavage

    Ah, these capture the game so well. I think this one is my favorite thus far.

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