Raptors fans had a truthful reaction by cheering KD’s injury – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman breaks down why the Toronto Raptors fans who celebrated when Kevin Durant went down were just caught up in the moment.

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  1. Brandon Fletcher

    Molly giving me a blowjob isn’t rude so I would shut up if I was that cunt

  2. I can’t lie, Max’s point was spot on…. Player first (That’s why they cheered) and human second (Why they chanted KD after the cheering)

  3. Jonathan Parker

    Let’s be honest Warrior fans were secretly doing the same thing in 2015 with Kyrie that Raptors fans did in Game 5…

  4. Max just cause its honest doesnt make it not trashy

  5. MOLLY STFU “tHaT’s rUdE”

  6. O plzs if the raptors players would have been cheering about kd the fans would have never stopped KD.

  7. 95 percent of those people are not fans and bandwagon bitches. Top it off most of them are not from Toronto. Don’t judge Toronto on a few suckas

  8. Just let us know when its time for a commercial break MOLLY.

  9. Max is 100% right. Every fan base would do the same thing. Some might be worse, but it’s a human nature in the moment thing.

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