RAPPER REACTS to KSI – Holiday (Official Music Video)

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Man it truly has been cool to look at the change in KSI’s music for the better. How are you people feeling about this?

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I am a fat, white YouTube rap artist and damn proud of it. Welcome to the Crypt show.

RAPPER REACTS to KSI – Holiday (Official Music Video)

#KSI #Holiday #RapperReacts


  1. this is awsome

  2. Nah fuck Raid

  3. Love the reaction Randolph keep it up!

  4. Idk about you, but this Song is straight fire!!!!

  5. React to my new album

  6. the only video sponsor i didnt skip over lmfao

  7. that was one sick raid shadow legends rap

  8. JJ is unstoppable!!!


  10. He’s verified on Twitter, he’s worldwide trending on YouTube, what else is coming

  11. i love dis guys energy bruh(no homo) brings such good vibes

  12. I’m on a horse is still better

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