Ranking EVERY Dragon Ball Arc! (Tier List)

Today I am rating every Dragon Ball Arc in a tier list! Everything from Classic Dragon Ball, to Dragon Ball Z, to Dragon Ball GT to Dragon Ball Super! It is going to be a wild ride chronicaling the lives of Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and the gang throughout these arcs spanning 30+ years! But I think we can do it!


-M1812 (DBZ)
-Easily (Cover by Marylou Villegas)
-M438 (DB)
-Mezase Tenkaichi (Cover by PrynBrian)
-Red Ribbon’s Theme (DB)
-M106 (DB)
-M501 (DB)
-M313 (DB)
-Piccolo’s Theme (Cover by Friedrich Habetler)
-M727 (DBZ)S
-M740 (DBZ)
-M919 (DBZ)
-M814 – Fearsome Ginyu Forces (DBZ)
-Oolong’s Theme (Path to Power)
-M1308 (DBZ)
-Unmei no Hi Instrumental Ver.
-M1606 (DBZ)
-M1621 (DBZ)
-Bad News (DBGT)
-Battle (DBGT)
-Kyouteki Yamcha (Path to Power)
-Red Ribbon (Path to Power)
-Saigou no Sosui (DBGT)
-An Old Rival (DBGT)
-Funky Kong’s Theme (DKC2)
-Ding Dong (Crash Project Remix)
-General Blue (Path to Power)
-Prologue (DBGT)
-Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku (Cover by Ru’s Piano)
-Chouzetsu Dynamic (Cover by Mattyyym)
-Omen of Victory (DBS)
-All Out Battle (Cover by Pokemixr92)
-Golden Freeza (Cover by Friedrich Habetler)
-Hit’s Theme (DBFZ)
-Don’t Disturb Goku (DBGT)
-Desperate Assault (Cover by Pokemixr92)
-Ultra Instinct (Cover by Pokemixr92)
-Moro (Original Score by Pokemixr92)
-Let’s Get Out of Here and Make our Hearts Dance (DBZ)

Classic Dragon Ball: 0:00 – 9:47
Dragon Ball Z: 9:48 – 16:23
Dragon Ball GT: 16:24 – 22:33
Dragon Ball Super: 22:34 – 32:36

Video edited by Editor-san


  1. The best parts of the Ma Jr. vs. Gokuu fight are the small things. Piccolo using every ability in his arsenal to neutralize Gokuu’s attacks (similarly to how he was using Eye-beams to halt Krillin’s attacks). Unexpected “long range” physical attacks (seemingly taken right out of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), growing to a giant size (but WITHOUT the loss of attack and speed? Seriously, what kind of magical hacks is this?). Meanwhile, Gokuu — for lord knows how long — has actually learned how to fly, and was keeping THAT in his back-pocket — specifically for a tournament where “landing outside of the ring means you immediately lose” and seeing as how he’s had this happen to him before….it was a wise decision.

    Piccolo has such a keen ability to control Ki, that it didn’t come as a shock when he developed a technique that is a LITERAL drill (that can explode anyways), or dozens of ki-blast orbs that’ll be controlled remotely, WHILE STILL DOING OTHER THINGS IN-COMBAT….he can fire outta his eyes, his mouth, his fingers, pretty much anything (okay, *Gokuu* fired out of his feet, but I’d imagine Piccolo could do that to if he wanted to), AND he was able to charge enough energy to kill someone (Raditz) roughly four-times as powerful as him? We’d seen the groundwork for how crazy Namekians can be, and I’m still kinda sad they didn’t lean harder into the “Ki Virtuoso’s” that they clearly should have been.

    Meanwhile, Gokuu is a martial arts savant, and yet was STILL holding back a very, very simple ability — that of flying. Something that everyone else (except Roshi, and I STILL maintain he *had* to have learned how to control his outer-Ki at some point, to allow him to be buoyant on air) could demonstrate at this point.

  2. I would disagree with combining Baba and Red Ribbon

  3. I remembered this video while going up stairs with 3 heavy bags, I just woke up and was tired

    so I thought to myself “KAIOOOO- KEEEEEEEEEEEEN” and it actually worked

    it made me feel more energetic like I could do more

    thanks Mark

  4. - [N A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    I really liked Yajirobi in his introduction.
    He was the first one I thought to “mirror” Goku of some kind to the audience. In his first scene Goku watches him killing and eating like he himself would do when hungry.
    Yajirobi was for me like Goku, an overly strong kid that just wasn’t interested in tournaments and climbing ancient towers.
    Yajirobi is the personification of “I am fat and lazy, but if I have to, I can do it”.

  5. Universe survival arc should be way higher, but other than that that’s a pretty good tier list

  6. I have much more…complicated feelings on the post Saiyan arc z sagas and the piccolo arcs.
    I find the og king piccolo arc genuinely bad and the 23 budokai extremely overrated.
    The 22nd is easily the strongest tournament in my opinion.
    The Saiyan saga, to me, represents Toriyama at his absolute best.
    Frieza has a great first half, but an awful second half, barring the admittedly fantastic og super Saiyan transformation. The arc begins so strong, but it goes to crap once the Frieza fight starts. It arguably starts declining once Goku shows up to fight the ginyu force.
    The cell arc is a god dang mess, and I personally resent it for causing so many ppl to hate great saiyaman. That being said, its big moments do hit pretty hard.
    The Buu arc has a phenomenal opening with Saiyaman, Videl, and the gang just chilling, but quickly goes down the drain.
    The baby arc genuinely rules from start to finish.

  7. Huh what where? I though it went like this Saiyan arc fRIEZA ARC android arc, cell arc, world games arc, Majin arc, kid Buu arc

  8. Oh boy, Super.
    I’ll be upfront I have a strange fondness for the Super anime. I dunno why, probably nostalgia.
    That being said, the super anime has ideas that I genuinely love, but the weaknesses bog things down too much.

  9. i only loved gohan and videl moments in buu saga

  10. 15:45

    We were all cheated 😭😭.. They are wrong for giving us hope that it’s possible to fly

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