Ranking EVERY 3D Zelda Dungeon

From D Tier to S Tier, how would I rank the 3D Zelda dungeons?

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Zeldawiki: https://zelda.fandom.com/

Gameplay footage used:

0:00 Intro
1:56 Ocarina of Time
10:39 Majora’s Mask
16:05 The Wind Waker
21:44 Twilight Princess
31:16 Skyward Sword
38:36 Breath of the Wild
42:57 Outro

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  1. What are your favourite 3D Zelda dungeons? Which of my opinions deserve the most hate? 😅

    • My favourite 3D dungeon is Ganon’s Castle from Wind Waker. It combines the consistently good fights throughout the game with puzzles that incorporate the mechanics of the four main dungeons. I used to think the Phantom Ganon puzzle was stupid, but after finding the clue I love it as well. Only bad part is Snake Puppet Ganon, though it does have the benefit of being as unsettling as the other shapes and an intense theme.

      Dodongo’s Cavern isn’t a dungeon I remember fondly. From using the standard cave theme to lacking the cool jumping puzzles that are present inside the Deku Tree and Lord Jabu Jabu, it’s not the most memorable. It doesn’t help that thanks to the entrance, many future entries *and* the manga had to go out of their way to tell fans that just because gorons eat rocks they can’t eat *all* the rocks

    • It will always be the Forest Temple from OOT. Ill never forget the feeling of my spellbound 13 yr old mind when first walking through it’s door. I was lucky to have gotten the game when it first came out…so there were no online reviews to spoil the fun.

    • any and all water temples THE FUCKING BOILER ROOM OF HELL!

    • My personal favorite is the shadow temple from oot just because of the atmosphere and lore but also because bongo bongo is my favorite zelda boss ever.

    • Great bay temple
      Simply because it’s a dungeon full filled with the zelda escence, not holding the player’s hand, at the same time, it isn’t confuse by any means, you only need to change the water direction one time, the zora’s swimming is fantastic and completelly kicks that dumb ideia of watter levels beeing slow and boring, the puzzles are really interresting, specially when using the ice arrows, like every zelda should be, the description of the item says: try using them everywhere
      10/10 dungeon in my opinion

  2. I think this tier list was great. But I really disagreed with how low many of the final dungeons were. Especially Sky Keep as it was super cool to me even with the reused themes which I thought helped represent the triforce pieces that were hidden inside. But that was really the big thing for me other than seeing spirit temple in a tier when it deserves s but I can understand it being in a.

  3. I wish the breath of the wild dungeons were better

  4. Slack Starfish81

    As much as the water temple was a pain in the ass, it’s also so atmospheric that I still like it.

  5. Glad to see Forest Temple was ranked so high for you Zeltik. Water Temple is the notorious hard dungeon of OoT but once you’ve played it a few times you kind of understand the motions enough (even if the iron boots are annoying). For some reason Forest Temple has just ALWAYS thrown me off. No matter how many times I play it, I always get stuck at some point in there. I think it’s because the space inside the temple just doesn’t make sense logically. The hallways and rooms morph around such that it feels more like a tesseract than a 3D object, and that’s why it’s my personal favorite Zelda dungeon.

  6. Aaa the Ancient Cistern is my favourite SS dungeon too! Even though it’s been absolutely ages since I played the dungeon I still remember it and Koloktos’s boss fight is amazing…I love Skyward Sword so much and I love how you can go back and choose to fight some bosses again as a sort-of minigame

  7. So many people despise Twilight Princess. It’s my favorite Zelda game, and I’m so glad someone realizes how great the dungeons were, especially the music and atmosphere!

  8. The spirit temple was for me as easy the great deku tree most puzzles were solved fast and the combat was great which makes it really fun

  9. Snowpeak is my all time Zelda S-Tier, unquestionably my favorite dungeon in the series. Forest Temple is a D-Tier for me. All the BOTW dungeons are C or B tier outside of Vah Naboris, which is D. Jabu Jabu is probably my least favorite in the series.

  10. Brandon Campbell

    Get the Devine beast order right!! The real order is this: Vah Medoh, Vah Rudania, Vah Naboris, and then it’s Vah Ruta.

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