Ranking 10 YouTuber Brands

Purchasing, unboxing, and mercilessly reviewing these “influencer” built corporations! MrBeast Feastable cookies, David Dobrik’s Doughbriks Pizza, Airrack’s Pizzafy, Popflex Active, Brad Mondo hair dye color, Brooklyn and Bailey’s ITK skin care, Chloe Ting athletic wear, and Moriah Elizabeth’s paint set (none of these are backed).

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  1. Guys she’s almost to 3 million! Let’s get her there by the end of the year!

  2. Can you please do a give away on YouTube because I don’t have instagram and I would really like to win!

  3. Those eagerly drinks look lovely.

  4. Whatever you do don’t Use Splat My Aunt is a hairdresser and Splat is actually a clothing Dye it stains You’re Hair please don’t use Splat

  5. I love your hair short it looks so cute!!!

  6. Team soft cookie, actually all cookies are great! Love you hope

  7. Entering! I NEVER try to win on IG but I’m doing it !! Would be amazing to win the hair oil and comfy sweat shirts !! Love your reviews hope !! Hopefuls”” .. Fingers crossed
    And BOTS leave me LONE.. lol

  8. U can’t speak anything negative about fellow youtubers so u made this vdo.

  9. Hi can you try Indian dresses please reply to me if you don’t I don’t mind I will still love your videos.

  10. OMG, I see Natasha Zima from Rainbow High in the background. I hope hope Hope has a video of unpacking it or a review 🤞

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