RANDOM ROLES *4* Mod in Among Us

Today we play RANDOM ROLES in Among Us!

🤖 My Friends!
Mod: https://github.com/slushiegoose/Town-Of-Us

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  1. Gordon The Anime Lover

    make a god imposter role

  2. Make a mod where you have seer+assasian role idk what name tho.

  3. Antfrost dwd XDD

    #1 on trending gaming

  4. Presley Doebert

    A new mod idea is Piggy the imposter can turn into piggy and some abilities are like you can hit people with the bat, put the crewmates in a jail and jump scare people and lower there bar when you get jump scared by piggy or get close to him your bar fills up and when it’s full you die.


    Can you please do a Rick and morty mod

  6. I thought about the Assasin and the seer working together before they did

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