Ram Revolution Concept | Reveal

Symbolizing where we have been and where we are going, the #RamRevolution Idea is our vision for electrical cars and shows our commitment to an electrified future. Experience the Ram Revolution at https://RamRevolution.com.

Concept model shown. Not available for buy.


  1. I‘ve never been so exited for the reveal of a truck before.

  2. Leaving a comment for the algorithm

  3. RAM 🔥♈

  4. wow not exited for the new cop trucks we have to pay for now…..

  5. Look at all those moving parts. Dealers are going to absolutely adore this thing!

    Can’t say the same for their buyers. X3

  6. current owner of a ram limited, Im ready for this truck just take my money already!

  7. Andrew Tate without Testosterone

    I like cars that run on GAS

  8. jake from state farm

    Never owned a dodge, wow, gonna be now

  9. Hey Dodge, come out with the old 1970s Challenger body style

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