Rain impact on California’s reservoirs

Many wonder how much the moist climate is impacting California’s critical reservoirs. KTVU’s Tom Vacar takes a look at whether or not the last storm impacted the drought.

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  1. One of the best way to keep rain water is to build dams on all major rivers in southern california which will not only reserve rain waters for
    Droughts every year but also restore natural conditions. Also , try to collect rain water into reserviors or other containers for drought seasons instead of letting them run back to oceans.

  2. Robby _ itlo_ amer

    🤔 Wash clothes for the home less. Give detergent. 🧼 Soap for the home less

  3. No one cares. It’s California. Street criminals and criminals in Politics! Can we physically remove the state?

  4. Pump water out of the ocean into the desert and it will perk into the ground and the ground will filter out the salt, problems solved. And the gov knows it.

  5. engineers PURPOSELY made those reservoirs big enough that a years worth of rain will never fill it to 100 percent. they dont want to risk flash flooding should the reservoirs over fill. 30 percent is ideal

  6. God bless may the lord continue to bless us with rain 🌧

  7. If one well respected news man from the bay area would go on a tour of the top 50 or 20 resivors and film what’s dumped from those dams at the point we are getting the rain

  8. Oh god. Now we’re bitching about too much water.

  9. That’s no good, now all of the California crazies will be driven out into the rest of the normal country 😓

  10. More regulations rather than increasing tax and fees for using more water. Greedy/evil people will go to hell first and we all will die eventually. That is something we cannot control.

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