Racism Approached In Cartoons..

Today we discuss serious moments in cartoons but more notably racism.

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0:00 intro
2:02 static shock
6:18 that’s so raven
9:42 sesame road
12:00 the fresh prince of bel-air
15:09 arthur
17:12 steven cosmos

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  1. what other cartoon-related video ideas would you guys like to see?

  2. Bet it was Elmo

  3. I’m a white kid who grew up in what is perceived as the “Ghetto” and quite literally raised by racist rednecks who thought that the color of their skin made them better than everyone else. I remember getting the shit beat out of me by kids older than me, because my parents were starting trouble and obviously they couldn’t beat up grown ass adults. Had a tent crushed while I was inside(one of those fold-up princess tents) and experienced my first panic attack as I nearly suffocated under the impact. Somehow this only fed into my parents’ views, and we eventually moved. I got over it pretty quickly as a kid and went on to have several mixed and darker toned besties, one of them is still with me to this day and I love her dearly ❤

    Shows like this really do change your view on things, I remember watching Static shock with my uncles when I went to live with my grandparents, they loved that show and I grew to be quite fond of it as well. It was the gun episode that really brought me to tears tho…

  4. What the hell is standing in the back corner? Is that Danny Devito?

  5. If You Like When Shows Get Serious, You Should Watch And Review Some Episodes Of Punky Brewster…

  6. Soft

  7. Earl had a fun night.

  8. Fresh prince…. they were pulled over at night. Next time you drive by a car at night tell me what color the driver is. No racial profile. The car was registered in someone else’s name and they had no proof that they had been in possession of the car legally. Carlton divulging that information was the right thing to do as had he not done so, when the plates were ran it would have been more suspicious had they not mentioned it. The outcome of the stop would have been the same regardless of race and aside from the hands on the wheel advice, Carltons approach was better than Wills. Cops ask both white and black people to keep their hands in the wheel/where they can be seen.

    Mercedes has 3 models in the top 10 most stolen luxury vehicles. In the US whites make up 59.4% of Mercedes ownership as opposed to 16.6% owned by blacks. Black individuals account for 28.6% of motor vehicle thefts while making up 12.1% of the population. Whites account for 67.6% of MV thefts while making up 57.8% of the population. That means the likelihood of a MV theft being committed by black suspects is about 2.2 times more likely than committed by whites. Stories, schemes, excuses, and denials are common for the vast majority of guilty criminals of all races. Independent of race, the manner in which Will and Carton legally and truthfully gained possession of the car is far less likely than the car being stolen.

    When considering the info above it is clear that the initial encounter made by police in pulling the car over was NOT likely influenced by race as it would have been extremely difficult to identify the race of the occupants in the conditions. The interrogation and suspension of the car being stolen even before any information is divulged by Carlton would have justified based on the statistics mentioned above. The arrest of the occupants after the details of the vehicle ownership and the rarity of the reasons given would likely have occurred regardless of race.
    In conclusion race was an issue because it was viewed through the lens of a racist person and does nothing but further propagate racial division insinuating racial bias due to hatred. Using race is the crutch of the ignorant who are either too ignorant or too lazy to apply logical analysis of fact to a situation. Or the narrative is being used by race baiting individuals who profit from the idea of racial hatred and oppression and depend on it’s existence as their source of attention and or income.

  9. WNT (We Need Trump)❤️👍

  10. Yoooo I’ve seen you on Charles channels. I was like… hang on… I know that voice…

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