[RACE V4 HINT] Blox Fruits Admin Helps with RAIDS

Long anticipated race V4 hint is at long last here!

We will be posting codes more often alongside the YouTube video clips


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  1. on 1m subs show us HOW TO GET RACE V4:)

  2. mans smacked them Like it was nothing. Krazy bro

  3. kingspiderman110 (Jordan Colgan)

    Can I please have perm dough for levels I’m trash in blox fruits my user is kingspiderman110 please don’t ban me for beg

  4. kingspiderman110 (Jordan Colgan)

    I’m mobile btw

  5. All Explained (Credits to Axiore for the 1st step.)
    On the strongest of nights (*Full moon*)
    Don’t fear the light
    By boat you must sail (*Sail for Mirage Island)*
    You discover, without fail (*You found mirage island. If you did, go to the highest hill*)
    Use all of your might (*Use race ability. You need a mirror fractal for it to work*)
    And gaze with your sight (* With race ability, Look at the moon and spam click it for 20-30 secs*)
    Your power is near (*Mirror fractal is connected with the moon*)
    But first, find the gear (*Find the blue gear*)
    After you found the gear, it should say to go to temple of time. Then go to temple of time and you should be able to switch the lever and open the gate 🙂

    NOTE: I recommend doing it now since people will help you.

  6. Really thought lud was gonna walk up to pink and kill her but say now you are. Right before he kills her and risk the sykkuno report

  7. The one who didn’t ask

    Hi gamer i am weak ish could i have 2x exp or 2x money please?

  8. The one who didn’t ask

    Bro is lucky for leopard 🙂

  9. I need sky v 4

  10. gamer robot can i ask you something i want some gamepass maybe you can help me out bc my main acc got permanent ban

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