Race Highlights | 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

F1 is BACK! Watch all the finest bits from our opening race of the season in Bahrain.

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  1. Commentary for the Bahrain Grand Prix comes from F1 TV’s Alex Jacques, David Coulthard and Jolyon Palmer.

  2. Amazing drive fellas

  3. Bring David Croft back!

  4. Happy to see alonso back to podium 👍👍👍

  5. Crofty and Martin please 🙁

  6. Ugh what’s with the commentary team? Not bad but it’s missing that one guy from past several years(maybe longer, I just started watching within that time period). I don’t know his name but his energy and literally everything else is amazing. He’s the JR of auto sport. I def would prob not be a fan at all if it weren’t for what he brings to F1

    Anyways, what an exciting race outside of the top 2. I hope this race wasn’t a sign of things to come though, I don’t want another season like last year where there is zero competition at the very

  7. BeatSaberPlayer

    Alonso placing top 3 was great to see. But we all know who is gonna win world champion this year! King Max🥇🏆👑

  8. 26 seconds back … yawn …….

  9. Shame theyre not using sky commentary anymore for these.

  10. How do you overtake someone at turn 10 where it’s the most common turn for flat spotting tires. Geez. Legendary

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