Race Highlights | 2022 Monaco Grand Prix

Rain fell in Monaco and the drama followed! As the drivers battled to the chequered flag on the slippy roads of Monte Carlo

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  1. Kevin Strickland

    Race highlights, what a joke.

  2. One of the strangest Monaco Grand Prix races we have seen in recent memory, we had rain, red flags, a close call with Micks accident, and to top it all off a different winner than normal. So far this season has been interesting.

  3. I slept through it, just a boring race, Monaco is not fit for modern f1

  4. So far I have expected the championship to be between Verstappen and Leclerc but did not know Perez is so close, only 15 points.

  5. 4:30 Perez locks up. Am I the only one who notices a bird fly directly in front of him?

  6. Checo fully deserved this win, he did an amazing job together with the team stratagy wise. He drove the wheels of the car, what a race. And happy that max also finished on podium. What a day for red bull

  7. Samuel Estrada

    Todos te amamos checo eres algo que emos visto crecer como persona y piloto 🎉🎉🎉🍾❤️

  8. Ocon’s defense against Hamilton r not highlights??

  9. Glad to see Checo on P1 podium. He came a long way from Bahrain GP from being last to first and without a renewal contract.

  10. I used to be excited for f1 races and wait for it and now, it turns into anxiousness because i worry about their safety. Turn after turn, my eyes are pooling with tears. The sharp corners and the weather, oh my.

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