Race Highlights | 2022 French Grand Prix

It had us on the brim of our seats from start to end as Circuit Paul Ricard delivered an exciting race!

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  1. Checo is a dumb guy whole race he juzz lost positions to everyone

  2. 2022 F1 is pathetic, it looks like a video game slot car race. The tracks are open fields of tarmac with coloured lines showing the drivers where to go. There are almost no gravel traps, if a driver runs wide there is no penalty, if they run someone off the track there is no risk no danger no need for caution or restraint because the worse that can happen is a time penalty. Just like a video game.

  3. F1 is ok. IndyCar is so much more entertaining.

  4. mercedes has only pitfalls and whiners as drivers.

  5. This sport is becoming football …. shame for these drivers

  6. *CHECO PÉREZ 🤡🏁😂*

  7. Adrian Nando Isako

    Russell’s reaction to his so called “legitimate move” reminded me of the tantrum he threw at Imola last year…he claimed that he was entitled to some space which fair enough, even though it was an opportunistic move, he did have his front wheels ahead of Perez’ back wheels, HOWEVER, he had so much space on the inside and as opposed to Perez turning into him like George claimed, George ran wide to the outside of the corner. Perez reacted really well to Russell’s suicidal dive bomb. Ridiculous behaviour from George, I hope he gets off his high horse and learns to accept some blame. He isn’t as flawless as he likes to think he is.

  8. Corruptos tanto, la fía como la f1, corruptos tienen que protejer a su bb rusell, en este seudo deporte de corrupción elitista, que hueva es ver este deporte tan corrupto.

  9. wow, Max is just getting the championship handed to him this year. may as well hand it over now. c’mon Leclerc, you can do it


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