Race Highlights | 2021 Russian Grand Prix

Courageous moves, late rain & large gambles. Enjoy the greatest bits from a scintillating and historical race in Sochi!

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  1. Hamilton the GOAT

  2. Lando should have listened to his team and change his tyres. Hopefully he will learn from this

  3. I love McLaren, love Norris. Desperately wanted them to win this one. But, 4:39 is where the race was lost, and Norris – despite saying that it was a team decision to carry on after the race – has to accept full responsibility for that. He made a call, it was the wrong one. Hopefully in future the team will be more assertive (don’t say “what do you think about the inter”, say “Lando, you have to come in for inters this lap, we know it’s the right move for the win”), and Norris more open to the idea that they might have more data than he does. If he had come in, perhaps Hamilton would have carried on, and Verstappen would then have finished ahead of Hamilton on the road. This would have been massive for the championship considering Verstappen starting the race at the back.

  4. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Literally drowning with problems right now but Idk why clicked on this video. Not disappointed tho because this somehow made my small heart happy for some reasons

  5. Verstappen is the best driver in this match

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