Race Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix

It is not over until it is over! Notice how a captivating race played out at sunny Silverstone with action right until the last lap!

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  1. Look at Lewis’ racing line with Max and compare it when he passes Lando. Unacceptabble he defends so hard with his title rival pushes him of the track and says it was his line

  2. The king is here

  3. very sad day for f1. shame fia, shame lewis.

  4. “…if you no longer go for a gap, that exist[s], you[‘re] no longer a racing driver.”

  5. Max wins

  6. Another cheater

  7. Alfiya Parween 7 B

    Disgusting, Unfair, undeserved Race…. Penalty was joke,, Lewis showing his real behavior after race… Disrespectful, unsportsmanlike….. Wasting our time….

  8. max fault for the lap 1 collision , coz he was on the outside and tried closing hamilition

  9. Damiano Caramma

    The best of british gran prix is Charles. Forza Ferrari from Italy.

  10. Racing incident or not, whatever: Sir Lewis Hamilton, why don’t you show more humility after what happend?

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