Queens of the Stone Age – “Emotion Sickness”

The very first offering from In Times New Roman… available June 16th. Pre-save and pre-order here: https://qotsa.ffm.to/itnr

Stream “Emotion Sickness”: https://qotsa.ffm.to/emotionsickness

Video clip by Liam Lynch. Characters played by Liam Lynch.

#QOTSA #InTimesNewRoman


  1. I just can’t stop listening to this


    Great song, shitty video

  3. This song is a grower not a shower… good signs for the album. Also, I’m wondering what band inspired the chorus?

  4. Well, I wonder if I’m the one who was thinking, no way, is QoTSA gonna do a cover of Emotion Sickness by Silverchair? No way, that would be awesome…..well even though it didn’t happen, it was still pretty cool. Love the visuals and these guys always did their own thing and as far as I’m concerned, set trends. They are definitely as close to a prime source of music inspiration as you can get.

  5. So you’re telling me this isn’t a Silverchair cover?

  6. Deborah Filippo regista

    Your Another love Song Is a master piece

  7. Literally clicked for me on second listen (first viewing of this) and im addicted to this song

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