QUEEN’S BALL Bridgerton Challenge

Rebecca Zamolo attempts to make an impression the Queen as she attends an invitation to Bridgerton. The only catch is she has to invite somebody and wants to bring her bestie. It all began When Rebecca Zamolo published “Busting 24 Princess Myths in 24 Hours.” Now Rebecca holds a contest that commences with a crimson light green light challenge. New potential besties are all striving to become the diamond but only a single will be selected. Do you think you know where Rebecca Zamolo is taking her family and besties? Perhaps this was a bad notion. Thank you for viewing my amusing amusement comedy adventure video blog video clips in 2022!

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  1. Rebecca Zamolo

    Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and tell me which girl is the most SUS. Who should I take to the Queen’s Ball?

  2. Hi Rebecca you posted this pink video on my birthday!💗

  3. Tamara Laytart

    Turtles were fighting in the back right behind you

  4. Raquel Jimenez


  5. Pedro Guerrero

    The girl that was tangled in 100 princesses she has something on her back like little lines look behind her invited to next video now !!!!

  6. Carmina Abrego

    I am a big fan of your videos I hope one day I can get a shout out shout on your videos I love you so much

  7. Gose Bredenkamp


  8. Anastasia Kolawa

    The lady next to Melanie was a cheater I saw that she switched the cards Melanie was getting a hold of 3 but then the girl next to Melanie put two on the top put her number too so she would get it wrong so she’s a cheater so I don’t think Melanie should be eliminated I think the girl next to Melanesian should

  9. Snow White was cheating in the spill the tea

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