Qualifying Highlights: 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

The very first qualifying session of the 2021 season did not disappoint, as the battle for pole went down to the wire…

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  1. I can’t stop laughing at Carlos’ team radio at 1:28 It’s just too agressive idk

  2. No pay more to Win AMG AMG AMG

  3. 1:32 Nikita Mazespin

  4. Do we finally get some competition for Mercedes? I’m a Hamilton fan but f1 is boring if he wins every year. Come on max.

  5. “Someone locking up there in turn 1, oh, it’s Nikita Mazepin”

  6. Finally, Honda switched on VTEC for their F1 car.

  7. Aston Martin lol all that hype in the pre season and they’re hardly the 6th fastest car 😂.

  8. D.C. Studio Rhodes

    quote : that;s the battle we wanna see in 2021… really?
    the sport is done 8 years now…
    nascar in oval circuit is more attractive to watch

  9. This over enthusiastic commentator sounds fake.

  10. We have a new s🅱️inala

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