little leftover from From Me To You that i made 12 months ago. i just relistened to it and thought was too fire to remain secret everlastingly so here it is

stream here: https://soundcloud.com/quadecax8/live-like-this-fmty-leak

this is a rap / hip hop song and official music video from quadeca


  1. I’m making a montage of this song

  2. When’s it coming to Apple Music?

  3. this needs to be on spotify

  4. Album is gonna be nuts

  5. Get the needledrop on this rn

  6. Why is this not on spotify

  7. How the actual fuck is this a leftover. It slaps.

  8. Nobody:

    Everyone in the comments: HoW iS tHiS a LeFt OvEr

  9. TheFallenLegend

    Please drop this as a deluxe for the album on Spotify

  10. Like this is we are debuting his album at #1

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