Pure Skill… How Karate Master Knocked People Out in UFC – Lyoto Machida

We have heard for years that karate does not work in MMA, then Lyoto Machida came along and proved in any other case. Performing in the most combative arenas around the globe for over 2 decades, the Brazilian Dragon has earned a notoriety of a cold-blooded samurai, stalking up a collection of one of a kind knockouts. It is time to remember the tale about the Shotokan Karate master who failed to obey expectancies and took the UFC championship belt.


  1. Let’s help get Krew to 10mil! They so deserve it

  2. I Don’t Talk To Cops

    The Dragon. He’s a grea study at managing distance

  3. Imo I’ve never seen a fighter that knew and utilized their range so well even against taller guys

  4. Video Contents:
    (0:00) Act 4 Opening Cinematic – The Diamond Gates
    (2:58) Act 4 Cinematic – The Fall of the High Heavens
    (3:44) Fall of the High Heavens
    (4:58) Iskatu Boss Fight
    (10:36) The Light of Hope
    (16:40) Rakanoth Boss Fight (Lord of Despair)
    (21:02) Cinematic – The Light of Hope
    (22:17) Hell Rift Portals
    (44:48) Beneath the Spire
    (45:59) Cinematic – Beneath the Silver Spire
    (46:21) Prime Evil
    (54:11) Izual Boss Fight (The Betrayer)
    (1:00:32) The Pinnacle of Heaven
    (1:11:10) Diablo Boss Fight (The Prime Evil)
    (1:19:28) Act 4 Outro Cinematic – A New Dawn
    (1:21:55) Thanks for Watching!

  5. I want an anime on this dude…or atleast a film..

    He is too goated

  6. I love that Poipole’s adhesiveness and Nihilego’s glassy composition were given focus, they’re such cool little details!
    Gotta give props to Pheromosa spamming the pheromones to cheese the competition, even when it cost them a few limbs for it eventually. 😀

  7. Ive always loved his style and skill. You simply can’t hate anything about his fighting even if he’s going against a favorite

  8. Oh lol, just saw Yamasaki on the shad face episode, rashad was never the same after that fight lol

  9. Its absolutely hilarious that The guy Jev had as a teammate in the Gulag was the one he killed at the 7:32 mark

  10. Sometimes he looks just like the actor Van Damn in his movies.

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