Purchasing a roller

Purchasing a 1987 Galion VR84 vibratory roller:
0:00 into and move home.
3:20 Roll shale
5:30 roll some bluestone portions into pothole.
6:54 2 years later working on electric problem.


  1. Alexandr Yrchenko

    🔴 👋👁👁👉 ΤĠ – CXZEQ 👈👀🤚 🔴

  2. Garland Remington III

    We’ll It’s about time that you came out with another video Andy!!! It’s been 2 long long, WEEKS!!

  3. Just like a bid kid with a new Toy⚠ LOL

  4. Awesome …. Cody and Blue know more about recovery than most companies.

  5. there’s a new project farm lawnmower test subject

  6. It seems like the Skidder is the most useful wrecker of choice . Always a pleasure . Andrew has the tenacity unlike any normal human being .

  7. titl?

  8. Flat pack lawnmower 😆

  9. Garland Remington III

    What is an Andy Camarata video without him, Destroying something that belongs to him. Lol 😆

  10. Effing Clown!

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