PUR Cosmetics 100 FOUNDATION SHADES?! I’m Confusion Luv | Jackie Aina

What occurs when PUR Cosmetics constructs a foundation shade range of 100 SHADES?! Will it be gimmicky? Will it be a flop? Let us discuss it!


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai) https://www.toofaced.com/jackie

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  1. PEEPUL – before commenting about my feedback, PLEAZ watch the video IN FULL. I beg, seriously.
    We saw what happened the last time a beauty brand tried to stunt on us with 60 shades (and how much of a flop that was) OF COURSE people are going to be skeptical of 100 shades! A lot of shades does not mean they are all QUALITY and wearable!!!!

  2. Jackie always getting my ass turnt

  3. Jackie has bomb ass eyebrows, she my eyebrow goals ?

  4. this foundation is really pretty… ok PUR!!! really nice velvety finish

  5. somethingaboutmary 12


  6. I luh u. Beautifully Comical? This line looks great…price wise is it better than Fenty?

  7. I don’t like Pur eyeshadow. I’m skeptical,

  8. See the thing is, one shade can actually cover a few complexions, all we ever asked for was a shade for us darker folks. Now they being stupid. 100 shades? I have reservations cuz Pur eyeshadow is patchy and unblendable.

  9. I thought Nyma had over 1mil. Her videos are ?

  10. love you queen <3

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