PSG vs Strasbourg | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 12/28/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG struggled to beat Strasbourg and claim all three points thanks to a last-minute punishment converted by Kylian Mbappe.

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Neymar did it to himself again. Cheating again.

  2. No diving please – thanks ref for having the guts to call it right. But a little bit off on not letting advantage play out before the PK call. When are players going to stop surrounding the referee and arguing? There is zero point in doing it, and I’m all for caution cards when they’ve been warned to step away. Use brains instead of emotions.

  3. ksal julimaia juli

    Neymar and Mbappe up to their old tricks.

  4. nah he did aight

  5. Marquiños rn: 🤡

  6. So all of a sudden this aint a soft penalty? 🤡

  7. If Neymar had Mbappe’s mindset, he could have won Ballon D’Or already

  8. Idk what it is, but Mbappé just rubs me the wrong way

  9. I watched your video through thoroughly and when it came to the final seconds at the end i was enlightened at how that figet spinner spun

  10. Y’all didn’t see that Marquihos was the reason Brazil went to penalties against Croatia? He tried to block the ball (Croatia from scoring) but he landed up deflecting it from their keeper.

    If not for the deflection, the keeper (Alisson) would have caught the ball on its original trajectory.

    Then, Marquinhos on a roll, lost that penalty shot that got Brazil got sent home..

    Now here.. I know he’s damn good but he’s annoying me lately tbh 😒

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