PSG vs Riyadh All-Star XI | RIYADH SEASON CUP 2023 HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

The two GOATS scored for their respective teams, Messi opened the scoring and Cristiano reacted with 2 goals. The victory was for PSG with a score of 5-4.

#messi #cristianoronaldo #psg

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  1. MYSTAR Entertainment 256

    Psg made it a real friendly match because it just let that Al Nassr to have a smile they were to conside over 8 goals (Ronaldo would even cry 😂😂)

  2. Entertaining bricks


  3. What a game

  4. George Washington

    I hate this ref with a passion

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    This leads to knee joints to tear up

  8. It was the last dance between the legends 😔💔

  9. But Ronaldo playing against them all💯💯

  10. The video ends at 13:55 😂

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