PSG vs Montpellier | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/13/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

Paris Saint Germain took three points after scoring five past Montpellier’s goalkeeper in Ligue 1 action.

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  1. I love soccer

  2. Miguelito Jean Mary

    Mbappe need to let go of his ego and fit in, stop tryna be personal

  3. I love this Messi and Neymar duo. Reminds me of their Barcelona times

  4. Jesus loves you!

  5. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans
    Since 2014 the Welsh government has donated a fruit tree to families in Uganda for every child born or adopted in Wales.


  6. Tf is up with Mbappe acting like that dude looks like he lost his motivation to play

  7. Mbape must change his penalty style. He has to develop another system. The current one is simply not working.


  9. If we really want to be honest, if anybody should be taking the penalties for PSG, it should be……………….. no, as a Barca fan, I won’t say it, because then I would throw up.

  10. Psg switching to a back 3 is the best thing they could’ve done. They play more fluid football then when they did with pochitino

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