PSG vs Marseille Brawl (5 Red Cards)

After 9 years Marseille was bound to win in the Parc des Princes again, yet the finish of this hard-fought victory was anything but a stroll in the park.


  1. Joe Biden loves black children so much, he didn’t want them bussed to faraway white neighborhoods.

  2. It said five red cards and a brawl we’ve all been dooped but apparently the guy was racist so the plot thickens

  3. Whagshegssy Hagshgs


  4. He barely even touched em 😂😂

  5. Lmao now this is entertaining besides the fake corona virus

  6. This isn’t a brawl. What a pussy sport

  7. Looks like women’s soccer

  8. Paredes is such a shit player. That’s why he fights so much! Someone needs to punch him & sit him on his ass for him to chill! Sorry ass excuse for a professional

  9. this is green text

    5 Red Cards?
    Next time use Pokemon Cards.

  10. When’s the brawl gonna sta….oh the videos over

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