PSG vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Euro juggernauts face-off as Messi hopes to bring PSG their first UCL title, while Vlahovic looks to re-establish Juventus as Italy’s premiere club.

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  1. Mbappe is so good yet soo tunnel focused that sometimes you want to slap him!

  2. Mbapee never passes the ball when it matters. Mbapee always wants to be the hero of the team. He cares about scoring goals, but he fails on clear chances to score when he could have pass the ball to Ney or Messi for an easier goal. And the truth is that if Mbapee still wants to be a hero, he will go to bed and cost us in the long run in quarterfinals or in the round of 16. right

  3. Mbape very selfish

  4. PSG overrated. French ligue is easy

  5. Voice cracks like a teenage boy,
    Moans and screams like a teenage girl
    Despite being an old ass Scottish guy,
    Thinks he’s a wordsmith but his choice of words are terrible, uses the wrong/unnecessary/hyperbolic/completely unrelated adjectives to describe things,
    Deters people from understanding what he actually meant,
    Overuses the word “magic”
    Stalks Messi wherever he goes like a pro criminal,
    Overly familiar with him as if they’re buddies,
    Sticks to him like the flu,
    Plagues my entertainment.
    Freakin Ray Hudson man

    just from this highlight reel alone:
    “Stupefyingly magnificent!”
    “Magesterial pass”
    “Drops a pint of beer into a shot glass at the other end of the bar”
    “Again, the calculus of football’s equations solved, innit?” (as a STEM person, WTF?? Cringe)
    “went a different way, a primerose way(wtf?), and that’s Hakimi”
    “especially with the type of jackrabbits, greyhounds, waiting for the ball”
    “it’s a train at the station”
    “this game has tightened up like a vice, now”
    “if they can keep this 3-headed monster in slumber land”
    I can’t take 90 minutes of this crap.


  6. God I hate that cbs gets champions league coverage

  7. AYYYYYEEEEEE!! What A Game 🔥🔥🔥I’m trying to get my subscribers up too💯keep it up❤

  8. I’m sorry they should have let mbappe go and signed ronaldo he has a big ego and he never finishes and doesn’t look for the right play only right play for himself, ronaldo messi neymar would have clicked much better

  9. BiancoNero in the US

    Hey guys! Here’s my take on the game. Bummed but still hopeful. Fino alla fine!

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