Proof I Would Score 8 GOALS in The Premier League

Title: Obviously I would not score a goal in the premier league 😉


  1. I watched y’all play the sidemen charity match and you’d be worse than Maguire, way worse…

  2. You can see arteta is such a nice and humble guy, you can see when chris is setting up for his first shot he was talking to theo about his hip. CLASS GUY!!

  3. He might aswell sign the keeper lmao

  4. 2# on trending, well done!

  5. My manager ❤️
    Such a likeable bloke and has reinstalled arsenals core values!

  6. DefenderOfMinorities

    Chris having his favourite teams manager put his arm round him must be so overwhelming, it makes him shrivel like a toddler it’s amazing.

  7. chrismd still shit under pressure gotta love it

  8. Iasonas Symeonidis

    What a sick video

  9. What a guy Arteta 🥹

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