Pro Chef Tries Pancake Art for the First Time | Bon Appétit

When it comes to all things cooking, Test Kitchen professional cook Molly Baz has attempted many complex and rarefied cooking strategies, but she’s never tried pancake art. Join her as she attempts to master the instagramable medium that is pancake art through a series of 7 challenges.

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Pro Chef Tries Pancake Art for the First Time | Bon Appétit


  1. WELCOME TO MY NEW SHOW! In which I am utterly blindsided, given lots of presents, and taken on a suuuuper silly scavenger hunt of a journey. Ya really can’t ask for much more than that folks! FIRST UP: Pancake Art! Do yourself a favor and stick around until the very end…I promise it won’t disappoint.

  2. Finally molly own series

  3. *Looks at Brek’s profile on Instagram*

    “PancakeBrekfast. Oh like, breakfast without a ‘c’.”

    Molly’s not wrong, there’s definitely no ‘c’.

  4. Is this girl a lesbian?

  5. Semavi Arslan ꪜ

    Hi guys brolar my youtube chanel open

  6. what did brad say to make molly jump up like that??

  7. i love molly!

  8. Bon Appétit giving Molly a new career for 23 mins

  9. My first thought was that Molly’s pancake of Brad looks like that unfortunate Jesus painting restoration. Is Brad now the Jesus of the BA kitchen? ? Otherwise, brilliant show idea, I enjoyed it tremendously!

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